Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Return of Summer: Retro Swimwear Styles

Summer is here! I can't think of anything more Summer than swimwear. So many swimsuits so little time for last minute sit-ups. But don't fret, you have a lot of wiggle room in this season's retro styles. No, the bikini's not going anywhere but if you're not so excited about donning one you don't have to-the one-piece is here and so now.

Pin-up Perfection. Steal 50's/60's style with this two piece in a hot solid color like white (go even further with polka dots or floral prints). Just add huge Jackie O sunglasses and go.

70's Sweet Seduction. This one piece is so sweet and completely sexy and the same time. I love the sleek belted look of this suit. It reminds me of a jumpsuit. This feels very Charlie's Angels (sexy) or Three's Company's Chrissy Snow (carefree). I almost want to run out and wear roller skates with this one.

Totally 80's. Channel the 80's with this neoprene surfer styled zippered one piece (back in the day I begged for my purple one with a pink zipper). Keep it zipped up or zip down a couple of inches for the daring. This suit has a racer back and can easily go from the beach to the street when paired with a high waisted black skirt or ruffled mini.


Anonymous said...

RetroSwimwear.com has some very cute retro inspired swimsuits. Custom made too!

Anonymous said...

These suits were ugly in the 80's and they're still ugly.