Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ready For Combat!

I know I should be shot for thinking about boots when it's this hot out (and seriously it's hot-try 100 degrees). But we fashion forward know the hottest new fashions are always displayed way before their time (I will be hitting Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale tomorrow for the new Fall stuff for a fraction of the price-wish me luck). The one item I can't wait to get my hands on are a pair of rugged, combat boots. I think they're the perfect addition to pair with skinny jeans, cargos or last year's leather leggings (I'm still in love with my mine, you'd have to pay me to stop wearing them). If all else fails, in a dark alley they're probably heavy enough to be a good weapon.

Mia Limited Edition Combat $189

The gray suede texture on these boots give combat boots and more pulled together look.
Nine West Peroxy $119

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Welcome back from a long Fourth of July weekend. I've come to realize in my time off that two unexpected things have the ability to suck me in: The Real Housewives of New Jersey (by far the craziest people I've ever encountered on television, yes crazier than Atlanta) and late night infomercials (hey I'm stretching out my time off I would dare go to sleep early). Now some of these infomercials may actually have some purpose (Brazilian Booty Lift, Bare Minerals- I get it) but after seeing the infomercial for the Bandinis arm weights/bracelets I actually want these people arrested. They claim you can wear these bracelet weights while doing errands, your hair, driving, etc and then wear them out all day as a fashion accessory. Who can actually get away with wearing these atrocities, Wonder Woman? I thought it was a spoof from Saturday Night Live, but to my horror these people are serious. They claim Bandinis are fashionable with any outfit. If you believe that I have some vacation property I'd like to sell you in Iraq and you just might be crazier than one of those Housewives from New Jersey.

For just $19.99 you can get public humiliation too at!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bare Naked Ladies

With all the heat approaching (or upon us depending on where you are) we will inevitably be faced with the option of wearing white or very cool, light fabrics like silk or linen. One thing to keep in mind-no one wants to see your panty lines or the little red heart pattern on your thong (at least no one with their mind out of the gutter). Believe me, it's harder than you think to find a good pair of underwear that don't show through summer's lightest colors and fabrics. How do we expect to solve problems like health care when I can't even find a decent nude thong? I kid you not I spent 2 1/2 hours trying to find a pair to wear under this dress. Okay, I had a couple of pit stops in between in search of a body bronzer cream to give me that Beyonce on the yacht with Jay Z glow when I slip into my swimsuit this weekend. BTW, how did I go from nude thongs to body bronzer (boy, it's so hard to stay focused these days)? Anyway, I did find a pair at Nordstrom (after having no luck at Macy's or lingerie giant, Victoria's Secret) to bad for me they were only available in a light peach color.
above left photo courtesy of

Newsflash, nude for me is not a shade of peach! But thankfully after my frustration I stumbled upon some options. You can choose from 20 different colors in the my skins collection. Nude underwear in straightforward, seamless style. Grab a couple thongs and a bra too.

On the body bronzer front, I didn't make a final decision but I had the girls at Nordstrom and Sephora made me some nice samples from Lorac and Laura Mercier. We shall see.

Bonus: This one has a subtle coconut scent.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Return of Summer: Retro Swimwear Styles

Summer is here! I can't think of anything more Summer than swimwear. So many swimsuits so little time for last minute sit-ups. But don't fret, you have a lot of wiggle room in this season's retro styles. No, the bikini's not going anywhere but if you're not so excited about donning one you don't have to-the one-piece is here and so now.

Pin-up Perfection. Steal 50's/60's style with this two piece in a hot solid color like white (go even further with polka dots or floral prints). Just add huge Jackie O sunglasses and go.

70's Sweet Seduction. This one piece is so sweet and completely sexy and the same time. I love the sleek belted look of this suit. It reminds me of a jumpsuit. This feels very Charlie's Angels (sexy) or Three's Company's Chrissy Snow (carefree). I almost want to run out and wear roller skates with this one.

Totally 80's. Channel the 80's with this neoprene surfer styled zippered one piece (back in the day I begged for my purple one with a pink zipper). Keep it zipped up or zip down a couple of inches for the daring. This suit has a racer back and can easily go from the beach to the street when paired with a high waisted black skirt or ruffled mini.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Heat is On

Hey everyone, it's officially summer and I'm officially back (this time around catch me on Tuesdays and Thursdays). I love summer, but the heat is definitely on. The only problem is, I still have to go to work in all that hot sun. Mondays are bad enough now I have to look out at everyone running around in shorts and tank tops while I'm in a suit. Well no more, for now on I will make a vow to stay (and look) cool while it's hot. Here's a couple of suggestions.

A feminine alternative to a stuffy blazer...

Pair with a classic sheath dress to add a cool twist to a conservative look. For a weekend look go completely sweet by pairing with florals or soften a tougher look (i.e. denim, summer leather) by adding lace.
LaRok Vintage Lace Shirt Jacket $268

A classic look goes cool...

Take Fall's go-to jacket straight into summer. Sleeveless and still sleek.
Wear for work paired with a pencil skirt or light slacks. Wear for play unbuttoned over a feminine dress or a tank and short shorts.
Torn by Ronny Kobo Alana Trench Coat $374.

Oh and by the way, speaking of heat-GO LAKERS!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gone Fishing...

...Or whatever else they say when you go on vacation. Happy Friday All! I'm officially on vacation (albeit short) and I'll see you next week. But if you're in LA catch me at the UCLA Reggae Festival this Sunday and Monday for the official start of summer. It's an outdoor annual event that's really one day full of R&B/Hip-Hop music on the first day and Reggae on the second. Always fun even though Erykah Badu was an absolute weirdo on stage last year (I've got love for her, but the little drum thing-seriously Erykah?). Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Am I Too Old For This?

Now I consider myself well informed when it comes to fashion, beauty or whatever else. But even the most fashion forward sometimes have doubts. I always try to evaluate a look to see if it's really for me and try to live by the mantra to never follow every trend. But, I really like those candy colored nails. Women of all ages have accepted the trend of dark colored nails in otherwise odd colors like Navy Blue (my favorite is OPI's Russian Navy) and now seem to considered them chic. Please know that I have no intention of telling my age to the world on a blog post. But let's just say I remember buying cassette tapes in my early high school years (to my defense, that might have been junior high). Honestly, I'm really itching to try the pastel nail colors in those soft yellows and that mint green color I've been eyeing. Can a woman with a full time job, mortgage and all the things that go along with being a grown up wear mint green nails? I don't know but I might have to push the envelope with this one.

*BTW, OPI has a great site that lets you virtually try on nail colors and even adjust the nail length and skintone so you pick the best colors. Check it out here!

Essie Mint Candy Apple, $8.